These are The Top Best 7 Wicket-Keepers of IPL 2023

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MS Dhoni is one of the best wicket-keeper batsman ever in the IPL, he has played 234 matches taking 135 catches, and 39 stumpings.

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KL Rahul has an impressive record of 147 dismissals from 88 matches with a remarkable catch success rate of 94.2%.

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Quinton de Kock is an Unparalleled wicket-keeper with 62 catches and 14 stumping in 92 matches.

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Jos Buttler has 64 dismissals in 61 matches, a catch success rate of 81.6%, and excellent quick reflexes and batting abilities.

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Ishan Kishan has talented wicket-keeping abilities, he has taken 32 catches and do 2 stumpings in 75 matches.

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Sanju Samson has an impressive wicket-keeping record of 72m catches and 12 stumpings in 92 matches.

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Dinesh Karthik is a veteran wicket-keeper of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, having 133 catches and 34 stumping in 229 matches.

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