Top 5 Batsmen who hit the fastest half-centuries in IPL history

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Fastest half-centuries in IPL history: If you are interested in knowing some interesting facts related to the Indian Premier League, then today’s post can be very useful for you.
Because in today’s post, we are going to tell the names of some players who have imposed the fastest half-century in the history of the IPL.

So if you also want to know the names of those IPL players, then you can read this post carefully and know about the name of the players who have made the fastest century in IPL history.

Before that let me tell you for your information that, only two countries are included in this list, while the entire world’s cricket players play in the IPL, And the first name in these two countries comes from India whose three players are included in this list and the same second name comes from the West Indies whose two players are involved in this list.

Top 5 Fastest half-Centuries in the IPL history 2022

Here is the list of the Top 5 Batsmen who hit the fastest half-centuries in IPL (Indian Premier League) history.

Player Name Total Runs Balls for Fifty Against Team Name Year
KL Rahul 51 14 DC 2018
Yusuf Pathan 72 15 SRH 2014
Sunil Narine 54 15 RCB 2017
Suresh Raina 87 16 SRH 2014
Chris Gayle 175* 17 PWI 2013

1.Kl Rahul

At the present time of the Indian team, the right-handed batsman K L Rahul’s name is the fastest fifty of IPL history.
During the IPL Season 11 in 2018, Rahul targeted Delhi Capitals playing on behalf of Kings XI Punjab and played a charismatic inning of 51 runs in just 14 balls. And Rahul’s stormy innings played on the field of Mohali included 6 fours and 4 sixes.

2.Yusuf Pathan

The only Indian Yusuf Pathan, who scored the fastest century in the IPL, has scored the second-fastest fifty in this tournament. Yusuf had completed half-centuries in just 15 balls, During the IPL Season 7 in 2014, Yusuf targeted Sunrisers Hyderabad playing on behalf of KKR, And played a charismatic inning of 50 runs in just 15 balls. And Pathan scored 72 runs in this match with 7 sixes and 5 fours.

3.Sunil Narine

KKR’s amazing all-rounder player Sunil Narine has put the third-fastest fifty in IPL history. Sunil Narine in the IPL season 10 had completed fifty in only 15 balls against the Royal Challenger Bangalore. Sunil Narine had scored 4 sixes and 6 fours in his 54 runs.

4.Suresh Raina

The most experienced and trustworthy batsman Suresh Raina of Chennai Superkings, who got the title of Mr. IPL in IPL, has hit the fatest half-centuries in just 16 balls.
During the IPL Season of 2014, Raina scored 87 runs in 25 balls against Kings XI Punjab, And during this match, Suresh Raina has completed his IPL career’s fastest half-centuries in 16 balls.

5.Chris Gayle

At the last number of this list, the name of West Indies explosive batsman ‘Chris Gayle’, who has hit the fifth-fastest half-centuries in IPL history, And Gayle had scored the fastest century of IPL in 30 balls in 2013, and in the same match, he had completed his fifty runs in 17 balls. And Gayle had played an unbeaten 175 in the 66 balls in this match.

Although many batsmen in the history of the IPL have scored a half-century in very few balls, but the batsmen above have made the fastest half-century of IPL history, And this list includes the name of 2 players of West Indies while the name of India’s 3 players is included.

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The name of the batsmen above has been taken on the basis of data ‘IPL Season 1 to IPL Season 14’, And on their performance,
And apart from that if any new IPL Players’ names join this list in the future, then I will definitely that information to you.

After knowing the names of those players who was hit the fastest century in the history of IPL, do not forget to enter your feedback below in the comment section. And for other information about such interesting facts related to the IPL and cricket, You can follow the official telegram channel of Crigram.

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