R Ashwin becomes the first player in IPL history to be retired out, what is retired out

Ravichandra Ashwin Retired Out: This is the first time in the 15-year history of IPL that a batsman has been retired out, and Ravichandra Ashwin has become the first player to do so. Actually, when Ravichandra Ashwin was playing for the Rajasthan Royal team on the 10th April 2022 IPL Matches against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), then he took such a step in the middle match that made history in IPL.

When Rajasthan Royal’s team was batting first, Ravichandra Ashwin came out to bat at number 6 due to the early fall of wickets, after playing for 15 to 18 overs, when he felt that he would not get a bigger hit, then he has taken a step of retired out. And as you all know that, this step is such a step that no player in IPL history till date had taken.

The reason behind Ashwin Retired out

And the big reason behind his move was that he was playing 28 runs in 23 balls, and at that time the team’s score was just 135 in 18 overs. And to make this score big, he needed to bring another player in his place, and due to this, he took this step.

What is retired out?

It is a decision taken by any player himself, when any batsman voluntarily leaves the cricket pitch and gives a chance to another batsman, then he is considered retired out. And after doing this, he cannot bat again in that match. And it is counted as the dismissal of that batsman.

What is the difference between retired hurt and retired out?

  • The biggest difference between retired hurt and retired out is that whenever a batsman is retired hurt, he can bat again in the same match, whereas in retired out he can never bat in that match.
  • And retired out is considered as a wicket, while retired hurt is out for a period of time due to an injury.
  • In retired out, any batsman retires without informing the umpire and his team member.

Ashwin is at the forefront of taking advantage of the rules of cricket

Ashwin is at the forefront of taking advantage of the rules of cricket. He is often seen doing something new, and as you know there were a lot of controversies when he used Mankading against Jos Butler a few years back. And the cricket world was divided into two parts, over this one of his decisions. Now it will be very interesting to see how the cricket fans & other react on Ashwin’s retired-out decision.

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