Top 10 Fastest Centuries In IPL History [Updated 2024]

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has always been a battleground for cricket’s finest to showcase their skills, but some innings stand out, etching the player’s names in the record of IPL Fastest Centuries year by year.

This comprehensive look back at the Top 10 Fastest Centuries In IPL History celebrates the achievements that have captivated Cricket fans like you and me worldwide.

The journey to the top begins with Chris Gayle, whose unforgettable 175 off 66 balls against Pune Warriors in 2013 set a benchmark for sheer dominance on the field.

This masterpiece of innings remains the pinnacle of T20 cricket, showing the power and precision that defines the essence of the IPL.

Following Gayle, the list includes luminary figures like Yusuf Pathan, whose 37-ball century for Rajasthan Royals in 2010 against Mumbai Indians demonstrated his explosive batting skills and power.

David Miller, Adam Gilchrist, AB de Villiers, and David Warner also grace this list, each bringing their unique style to their monumental innings.

Top 10 Fastest Centuries In IPL History (Key Takeaways)

SLPlayerTeam vs. OpponentYearBalls FacedRuns
#1Chris GayleRCB vs. Pune Warriors201330175*
#2Yusuf PathanRR vs. Mumbai Indians201037100
#3David MillerKXIP vs. RCB201338101*
#4Adam GilchristDeccan Chargers vs. Mumbai Indians200842109*
#5AB de VilliersRCB vs. Gujarat Lions201643129*
#6David WarnerSRH vs. KKR201743126
#7Sanath JayasuriyaMI vs. CSK200845114
#8Mayank AgarwalKXIP vs. RR202045106
#9Murali VijayCSK vs. RR201046127
#10Chris GayleRCB vs. KXIP201146107
Fastest Centuries In IPL History

List of Fastest Centuries In IPL Ever Scored

#1 Chris Gayle (RCB vs. Pune Warriors, 2013) – 30 balls

An innings that turned the game on its head, Chris Gayle’s (THE UNIVERSAL BOSS) unbeaten 175 off 66 balls against Pune Warriors India in 2013, showcased his dominance in T20 cricket.

Gayle Known for his powerful striking and cool behavior, Gayle’s record-breaking century remains a high point in IPL history, setting a benchmark for power-hitting that is yet to be surpassed.

#2 Yusuf Pathan (RR vs. Mumbai Indians, 2010) – 37 balls

Yusuf Pathan’s rapid century for Rajasthan Royals against Mumbai Indians in 2010 in 37 balls showed his ability to change the course of the game single-handedly.

With a blend of aggressive hitting and smart cricket, Pathan’s innings became a turning point, highlighting his role as an important player for the Royals.

#3 David Miller (KXIP vs. RCB, 2013) – 38 balls

Known as “Killer Miller,” David Miller’s whirlwind century against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2013 for Kings XI Punjab in 38 balls is an example of his finishing capabilities.

His powerful strikes and ability to chase down challenging targets showcased him as one of the most formidable batsmen in IPL history.

#4 Adam Gilchrist (Deccan Chargers vs. Mumbai Indians, 2008) – 42 balls

Adam Gilchrist’s century for Deccan Chargers in the inaugural IPL season against Mumbai Indians combined traditional cricketing elegance with explosive power.

His innings set the stage for what was possible in T20 cricket, blending classic shots with aggressive gameplay.

#5 AB de Villiers (RCB vs. Gujarat Lions, 2016) – 43 balls

AB de Villiers’ 43-ball century against Gujarat Lions in 2016 is a summary of his ‘Mr. 360‘ nickname, showcasing his ability to score all around the ground.

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His innovative approach and power-hitting have made this innings a highlight of his IPL career, further cementing his legacy as one of the game’s greats.

#6 David Warner (SRH vs. KKR, 2017) – 43 balls

David Warner’s century for Sunrisers Hyderabad against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2017 underscored his status as a premier opener in the IPL.

Warner combined aggression with calculated risk-taking, setting up a memorable victory and demonstrating the impact of a strong start in T20 cricket.

#7 Sanath Jayasuriya (MI vs. CSK, 2008) – 45 balls

Sanath Jayasuriya’s century for Mumbai Indians against Chennai Super Kings in 2008 was a spectacle of raw power and cricketing intelligence.

As a pioneer of aggressive opening in limited-overs cricket, Jayasuriya’s innings laid the groundwork for future generations in the IPL.

#8 Mayank Agarwal (KXIP vs. RR, 2020) – 45 balls

Mayank Agarwal’s century against Rajasthan Royals in 2020 for Kings XI Punjab showed his maturity and class as a batter.

Agarwal’s innings, filled with exquisite timing and placement, marked him as a key player for his team and a rising star in the IPL.

#9 Murali Vijay (CSK vs. RR, 2010) – 46 balls

Murali Vijay’s century for Chennai Super Kings against Rajasthan Royals in 2010 combined elegance with explosive batting.

Known for his stylish play, Vijay demonstrated that traditional cricketing techniques could thrive in the T20 format, earning a memorable place in IPL history.

#10 Chris Gayle (RCB vs. KXIP, 2011) – 46 balls

Chris Gayle’s second entry in the top 10, with a 46-ball century against Kings XI Punjab in 2011, reaffirmed his status as a T20 legend.

His consistent performance and ability to dominate the field have made Gayle one of the most influential players in IPL history.


Who Scored Fastest 100 In IPL History?

Chris Gayle, striking a century in just 30 balls for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2013, holds the record for the fastest 100.

Who Scored Most 100 In IPL In One Season?

With 4 centuries in 2016 for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli has scored the most 100s in a single IPL season.

Who Scored First Century In IPL?

Brendon McCullum, with 158 for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2008’s first match, scored the IPL’s inaugural century.

Who Is Fastest Fifty In IPL All Season?

Yashasvi Jaiswal, achieving a half-century in 13 balls for Rajasthan Royals against Kolkata Knight Riders in May 2023, owns the record for the fastest fifty. 

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