Rario Referral Code: Download App & Get $10

Download the Rario app/APK using referral link to get $10 as Sign up Bonus.

App NameRario App
Rario App Referral Link/CodeDownload Rario App
Rario App Sign up Bonus$10
Minimum Withdrawal
Rario App Refer & Earn$10 Per Referral

What is Rario app?

Rario App is a World’s first and largest licenced Digital Cricket card Platform that allows users to Buy and Sell their favourite Cricket players cards. And also participate in various Free contests and win cash prizes based on the performance of their chosen team.

If we talk about the Rario Digital card Platform app in simple language, then there is a platform through which you can buy and sell any player card, and earn profits. If you have a card then you can use that card to crate a 3 player team and join Free contests on D3 Club, After that match completed you can also sell that card in Rario marketplace. Once you have brought a card you can use that card to Join Free contests lifetime.

Rario has quickly gained popularity among sports enthusiasts and fantasy gaming fans due to its unique styles of providing a platform to buy and sell cricket players cards with its intuitive user interface and seamless experience.

Rario App

What is the Rario Referral Code/link ?

Rario offers a referral program that rewards users for referring their friends to the platform. To participate in the program, you’ll need to use a Rario referral link.

If you use Rario referral link “Sign up on Rario” then you get $10 as Sign up bonus. To get a referral bonus, you need to download the Rario App and create a new account using Rario referral link.

To find your referral code, you need to follow these steps below:

  • Open Rario app on your mobile phone.
  • Now, Click on the Referral option (Bottom menu).
  • After that, you can see your Rario referral link on the page.

Also, you can share your referral link with your friends by using Refer Friend button.

Benefits of Rario App

This is a type of Digital Player Cards Platform that provides the facility to the user to buy and sell cards, play online cricket games through cards.

In this, you are given $10 as a signup bonus and apart from this, you also get the option to play six practice matches for free in this application.

And when you start playing the game by purchasing any card from this Digital Player Cards Platform, then its validity remains not only in IPL but in all international matches also.

And in this app, if you buy a card to play the game, then you can also sell that card later on.

Apart from packs of cards, you also get a chance to buy single digital cards in this Rario app.

How to Download Rario App

To download Rario App is as simple as downloading the app from the official website. We will share some steps below, which can help to download and install the Rario app on your phone. This Rario app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

To download Rario App:

  • Open Rario official website rario.com on your mobile.
  • After that, on the home page, you have to click on the “Get the Apps” button.
  • And after that, this application will be downloaded to your mobile.
  • Now you have successfully downloaded Rario App.

How to Sign up on Rario and Get $10 Bonus

To sign up in Rario App, you have to use the email address from which you have never registered in this app before, after that you have to follow the process given below.

Rario SignUP

When you download the Rario App, after that on the home page you will see the sign-up option on the bottom side, click on it.

Rario-SignUP EMAIL

After that two options of Continue with Google and Continue with Email will appear on your screen on a new page, select whichever medium you want to sign up.

Rario-SignUP verify email

And after that, a verification e-mail will be sent to the registered email address, in which you will be given the option of Verify Email, click on it as you can see in the above screenshot.

Rario-SignUP verify phone

And after that when you verify your mail, a new page will open again on your screen in which you will be asked to verify phone, there select your country India and along with the section of the mobile number given below Enter the mobile number and click on the continue option.

After that, you will again go to a new page where you will have to enter your full name after that your sign-up process will be completed.

How to buy cards on Rario

To buy cards on Rario App, you will need to follow some simple steps given below.

To buy cards, first of all, you have to open the Rario application on your mobile, after that four options “Home, Buy, Play, Referral, and Vault” will appear on the bottom side of the homepage, out of which the buy option has to be selected.

Rario app buy card

After that you will reach a new page where you will see options to buy different types of cards, in which you will see the option of “Packs Of Card, Single Card, and Marketplace“, click on any card you want to buy.

Rario app fund add

Then you will reach the payment page where you can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, and Rario Wallet.

In this way, you can easily buy cards in Rario App by following these simple steps given above.

How to create a team on Rario

If you want to create a team on Rario App, then for this you need to follow the steps given below.

  • To create a team on the Rario App, first, you have to click on the play option of the app, and after that, you will reach a new page, where you will see the details of the upcoming match,
Rario app create team
  • out of which you want to create your team. Click on it. After that, you have to click on Create Team option as you can see in the below screenshot.
Rario app team
  • And then select a bowler, a batter player, and another player, and click on the option with the select captain, then select your captain from those three players.
  • And after choosing the captain of your team, click on the Join Contest option given below, in this way, you can easily create your team on the Rario app.

How to Add Balance (Funds) in Rario Fantasy App?

It is very simple to add money in the Rario fantasy app, here we will share a few steps to add money in Rario Wallets.

  • First of All, Open Rario App on your mobile and Click on the vault option on the bottom menu.
Rario app fund process
  • And then, Click on the My Vault. Now, clicks on Add Funds, and Enter the Amount and Billing address.
Rario app fund add process
  • Then click on the continued button and Enter Your Credit & Debit Card details. And Complete the transaction.

How to Refer and Earn on Rario

Rario provides a Refer and Earn offer. In this offer, when you Invite someone then you will get $10 as a referral bonus after a successful referral, and that person who joins Rario app using your referral link or code he also get $10 a sign-up bonus.

So in such a situation, if you want to earn by referring this application to your friends, then you do not need to do much for this, just open the application on your mobile and click on the referral option given below.

Rario app rererral

After that, you will reach a new page where you will see something like this “” referral link below refer a friend & Earn $10 on the top side, Copy it and share it with your friends through any medium like Facebook, telegram, and WhatsApp.

Rario app rererral code

And after that when any of your Rario app signs up and plays a match by clicking on your referral link, then in that case you get a referral income of $10.

Note: To find your referral code on Rario, simply navigate the bottom menu and select the “Referral” option. Here, you’ll be able to see your unique referral link, as well as share it via social media or email.

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How to sell card on Rario?

To sell player cards on Rario, “Open” Rario App and select “Vault” after that select player which you want to sell and click on the “SELL ON MARKET” button.

What is the Rario Referral Code?

Here is the Rario referral link to download app and get $10.

Final Words:

Rario App is one the best & unique digital card platform to buy and sell digital Cricket player cards. Anyone can download this Rario App easily and buy and sell Cards and Join Free contests.

Also, must use our Rario App referral link to get a “$10” sign-up bonus which can be used to buying player cards.

Disclaimer: This game may involve an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk.

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