BBL Rules – X-Factor Player, Power Surge, and Bash Boost point in Big Bash League 2022

The Big Bash League is the second most followed T20 league in the World after the Indian Premier League. In this article, we will discuss everything about the new BBL rules, What X-Factor Player is, what Power Surge is, and much more.

To keep the tournament interesting for the viewers, Cricket Australia has come up with unique rules such as Power Surge, X Factor Player and the Bash Boost points in the competition.

The introduction of these rules is to keep the viewers engaged in the match for full 40 overs. Below we have discussed all the three new Big Bash League rules in detail.

BBL Rules

Power Surge

BBL Power Surge

It is one of the most innovative rules out of three. Generally there are 6 overs of powerplay in a T20 game but in the BBL there is going to be only 4 overs of powerplay and the remaining 2 overs are to be chosen by the batting team between the 11th and 20th over of the game. This period of 2 overs is called the ‘Power Surge’

Many experts from the cricketing fraternity expressed their views on the power surge and were highly impressed by the thought process. This rule is advantageous for the batting team and can take on the spinners in the middle overs.

BBL Rules X Factor Player

BBL X-Factor Player

Imagine if you could have substitutes in cricket. Sounds amazing right? In the Big Bash League the 12th or 13th player on the team sheet can come into the game right after the 10 over mark in place of a player who has not bowled more than an over or a batter who is yet to bat.

This rule is a big advantage for the team. For example, if the batting team has lost just 1 wicket at the 10 over stage, they can get in a bowler in place of a batsman to strengthen their bowling attack. This rule can also be adopted by the other T20 leagues around the globe soon.

Bash Boost Point

Bash Boost Point

For a win in a game, the team is awarded 3 points and the bash boost point is a bonus point awarded to the team after the 10th over in the 2nd innings of the game.

If the batting team has a greater than the equivalent 10 over score than their opposition then they are awarded the bash point and if they are trailing than the equivalent 10 over score then the fielding team is awarded the bash boost point.

Timed-Out Rule

You might be familiar with the slow over rate rules in international cricket. Generally, the captain of the bowling side has to pay some percentage of his match fees as a penalty for slow over rate.

In Big Bash League, the organiser and the cricket board have come up with a unique rule such as timed out. In order to speed up the game, the next batter must be ready at their crease within 60 seconds.

If the batter is unable to do so, they must move aside and the bowler will get a chance to bowl a free delivery and if it hits the stumps, the batter will be given out.

The rule is still under consideration and has received mixed reactions from the audience but everyone wants the game to speed up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many foreign players are allowed in the BBL 2022?

A Franchise can have a maximum of 19 players in their squad and with a minimum of two and maximum of six overseas players. However, only three foreign players can play in a game.

Why are Indian players not in the BBL?

BCCI rules state that any Indian Player is not allowed to play in a franchise cricket league apart from the IPL.

What is the salary of BBL players?

$42,000 is the average salary cap of the players in the squad.

From when are these BBL rules in place?

The new bbl rules have come into effect from the 2020-21 big bash season and are being used in BBL 2021-22 as well.

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