Indian Cricketer Birthday Today: 17 January 2024

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Indian Cricketer Birthday Today: Today is an important and special day in the history of Indian cricket because today is the birthday of an Indian cricketer. It is a joyous occasion when we can join them in celebrating their special day and extend our best wishes to them.

And The history and prosperity of Indian cricket have showcased numerous great players across different decades. Some names among them are such that we will always remember them for their unique style of playing cricket.

And in today’s article, we are going to tell you about which player’s birthday is on 17 January 2024, so let us know about “which Indian Cricketer Birthday Today“.

Indian Cricketer Birthday Today – 14 January 2024

Today is a very special day in the history of Indian cricket, because “A Venkatesh” was born on this day, i.e. 17 January 2024 is the birthday of Indian cricketer A Venkatesh.

Yes, we are talking about A Venkatesh! Wish him a very happy birthday!

Cricketer birthday Today: A Venkatesh

A Venkatesh Contribution

Venkatesh’s contribution to Indian cricket is unforgettable. The tales of his spectacular performances inspire young players and hold a special place in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. Whether it is his batting prowess or bowling skills, both will always be remembered in the hearts of cricket fans.

A Venkatesh is not only a great cricketer but also a great human being. He is known for his humility and dedication to sports and social work. He is a role model for the youth and we are proud of him!

So, today let’s wish A Venkatesh a happy birthday and remember his wonderful cricket career. We hope he continues to make Indian cricket proud in the years to come!

Which cricketers birthday is on the same day

The same day is the birthday of India’s famous cricketers Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, and Shreyas Iyer, where Bumrah was born on 6 December 1993, while Jadeja was born on 6 December 1988, and Shreyas Iyer was born on 6 December 1994.

Jasprit Bumrah Birthday: 6 December 1993

Ravindra Jadeja Birthday: 6 December 1988

Shreyas Iyer Birthday: 6 December 1994

Note: Apart from these cricket player, many other cricketers have their birthdays on the same day, about which you can find out by searching on google, but the players are famous cricketers in the current cricket world, and their birthdays are celebrated on the same day.


Q. which Indian Cricketer Birthday Today?

Ans: Today, 17 January 2024, is the birthday of Indian domestic cricketer A Venkatesh. Who was an all-rounder cricketer.

Q. Which Pakistani cricketer born in India?

Ans: When India had not become independent, former Pakistani cricketer Asif Iqbal was born on 6 June 1943 in Hyderabad city of India during the British Raj.

Q.Which date of Virat Kohli birthday?

Ans: Former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, in the capital city of India, Delhi, and he celebrates his birthday on 05 November ever year.

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Q. When was Indian cricket born?

Ans: Cricket was introduced to the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century by the British Govt, and the first cricket club was established in 1792. India’s men’s national cricket team played its inaugural international match on June 25, 1932, in the Lord’s Test against England.

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