IPL 2022 Schedule, Match List date, time & Table

If you are also a fan of IPL and prefer to see, then in such a way, if you want to know about “IPL 2022 Schedule, Match List Date, Time Table ” then you can continue with this article and get all the information related to IPL 2022 Schedule etc.

Before that, let me tell for your information that this year the special thing of IPL 2022 is that after 2 years, People in the IPL match are allowed to cheer their teams with 25 to 30 % crowded.

There will be a lot of curiosity in IPl viewers about the IPL 2022 this year because this year ipl is going to be very new, such as this time you will be seen playing 10 teams in place of eight teams in the IPL. And those 10 teams have been divided into Group A and Group B.

And this group has been divided on the basis of how many times the IPL title has won, and how many times the IPL final have played. By keeping these things in mind BCCI has divided the IPL team in two groups. Whose information is given below.

IPL 2022 GROUP A Team List

All teams in IPL 15th season are divided into two parts, In which “Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, Lucknow Super Giants (New IPL Team)” is placed in Group A.

IPL 2022 GROUP B Team List

While “Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Punjab Kings, and Gujarat Titans (New IPL Team)” is placed in Group B.

IPL 2022 GROUP A Team :IPL 2022 GROUP B Team :
Kolkata Knight RidersChennai Super Kings
Rajasthan Royals Sunrisers Hyderabad
Delhi Capitals Royal Challengers Bangalore
Lucknow Super Giants (New IPL Team) Punjab Kings
Mumbai Indians Gujarat Titans

IPL 2022 Full Schedule list

If you also want information about the schedule of IPL 2022, you can get information in the table below.

1.Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders26 March 20227:30 pm
2.Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Royals27 March 20223:30 pm
3.Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore27 March 20227:30 pm
4.Gujarat vs Lucknow28 March 20227:30 pm
5.Hyderabad vs Rajasthan29 March 20227:30 pm
6.Kolkata Knight Riders vs Bangalore30 March 20227:30 pm
7.Lucknow vs Chennai31st April 20227:30 pm
8.Punjab vs Kolkata01 April 20223:30 pm
9.Mumbai vs Rajasthan02 April 20223:30 pm
10.Gujarat vs Delhi02 April 20227:30 pm
11.Chennai vs Punjab03 April 20227:30 pm
12.Hyderabad vs Lucknow04 April 20227:30 pm
13.Rajasthan vs Bangalore05 April 20227:30 pm
14.Mumbai vs Kolkata06 April 20227:30 pm
15.Lucknow vs Delhi07 April 20227:30 pm
16.Punjab vs Gujarat08 April 20227:30 pm
17.Chennai vs Hyderabad9 April 20223:30 pm
18.Mumbai vs Bangalore09 April 20227:30 pm
19.Kolkata Vs Delhi10 April 20223:30 pm
20.Lucknow vs Rajasthan10 April 20227:30 pm
21.Hyderabad vs Gujarat11 April 20227:30 pm
22.Chennai vs Bangalore12 April 20227:30 pm
23.Punjab vs Mumbai13 April 20227:30 pm
24.Rajasthan vs Gujarat14 April 20227:30 pm
25.Hyderabad vs Kolkata15 April 20227:30 pm
26.Mumbai vs Lucknow16 April 20223:30 pm
27.Delhi vs Bangalore16 April 20227:30 pm
28.Punjab vs Hyderabad17 April 20223:30 pm
29.Gujarat vs Chennai17 April 20227:30 pm
30Rajasthan vs Kolkata18 April 20227:30 pm
31.Bangalore vs Lucknow19 April 20227:30 pm
32.Delhi vs Punjab20 April 20227:30 pm
33.Mumbai vs Chennai21 April 20227:30 pm
34.Delhi vs Rajasthan22 April 20227:30 pm
35.Kolkata Vs Gujarat23 April 20223:30 pm
36.Bangalore vs Hyderabad23 April 20227:30 pm
37.Mumbai vs Lucknow24 April 20227:30 pm
38.Punjab vs Chennai25 April 20227:30 pm
39.Bangalore vs Rajasthan26 April 20227:30 pm
40.Gujarat vs Hyderabad27 April 20227:30 pm
41.Delhi vs Kolkata28 April 20227:30 pm
42.Punjab vs Lucknow29 April 20227:30 pm
43.Gujarat vs Bangalore30 April 20223:30 pm
44.Rajasthan vs Mumbai30 April 20227:30 pm
45.Delhi vs Lucknow01 May 20223:30 pm
46.Chennai vs Hyderabad01 May 20227:30 pm
47.Kolkata Vs Rajasthan2 May 20227:30 pm
48.Gujarat vs Punjab3 May 20227:30 pm
49.Bangalore vs Chennai4 May 20227:30 pm
50.Delhi vs Hyderabad5 May 20227:30 pm
51.Gujarat vs Mumbai6 May 20227:30 pm
52.Punjab vs Rajasthan7 May 20223:30 pm
53.Lucknow vs Kolkata7 May 20227:30 pm
54.Hyderabad vs Bangalore8 May 20223:30 pm
55.Chennai vs Delhi8 May 20227:30 pm
56.Mumbai vs Kolkata9 May 20227:30 pm
57.Lucknow vs Gujarat10 May 20227:30 pm
58.Rajasthan vs Delhi11 May 20227:30 pm
59.Chennai vs Mumbai12 May 20227:30 pm
60.Bangalore vs Punjab13 May 20227:30 pm
61.Kolkata Vs Hyderabad14 May 20227:30 pm
62.Chennai vs Gujarat15 May 20223:30 pm
63.Lucknow vs Rajasthan15 May 20227:30 pm
64.Delhi vs Punjab16 May 20227:30 pm
65.Mumbai vs Hyderabad17 May 20227:30 pm
66.Kolkata Vs Lucknow18 May 20227:30 pm
67.Bangalore vs Gujarat19 May 20227:30 pm
68.Rajasthan vs Chennai20 May 20227:30 pm
69.Mumbai vs Delhi21 May 20227:30 pm
70.Punjab vs Hyderabad22 May 20227:30 pm
71.qualifier 1TBD7:30 pm
72.eliminatorTBD7:30 pm
73.qualifier 2TBD7:30 pm
74.Final Match29 May 20227:30 pm

IPL 2022 Match List date, time Table

The schedule of the 15th season of IPL has issued BCCI already. And according to this schedule, the first match of the IPL will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Night Raiders on March 26. And this match will be played at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai at 7:30 pm (IST).

And this year, the start of the IPL is happening from March 26 and its final will be played on May 29. And in this IPL you are going to see 10 teams, In which all the old ipl teams, along with two new IPL teams “Lucknow SuperJunitions and Gujarat Titans”. And in this ipl, 74 matches will be played.

And Apart from that, this time all IPL will be in India only, And the most important thing is that all 74 matches will be played in only four Venues, In which 20 matches will be played in Mumbai Wankhede, And 12 matches in CCI Ground while 15 matches will be played in DY Patil Stadium. And 15 matches will be played in the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (MCA) ground of Pune.

The Entire Match of IPL 2022 Will be in INDIA

And behind raising this step, the main purpose of BCCI is to plan this IPL in any way to Organize & played in India, Because as you also know that for the last two years, the IPL was played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) plains away from India. And this time the BCCI does not want to take the IPL to another country.

IPL 2022 Teams List

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Punjab Kings
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Lucknow Super Giants

Some important questions of IPL 2022

Q.Is IPL 2022 schedule announced?

Ans: If you are also waiting for the schedule of IPL 2022, then for your information, the schedule of this year has been issued by the BCCI and this time the IPL will start from March 27.

Q.Which team will come in IPL 2022?

Ans: In this IPL, you are going to see two new teams in which the first name is Gujarat Titans, while the second name is Lucknow Super Giants.

Q.Who will win IPL 2022 final?

Ans: If you are also wondering who is winning the IPL book this year, then for your information, this year the IPL is going to be a very collision between all Teams because all the teams include many match-winner players Those who can change the match.

Q.How to download Ipl 2022 schedule pdf?

Ans: If you also want to download the PDF form of the Schedule of the IPL2022, then you will have to go to the IPL20‘s Official website. After that you’re able to download Ipl 2022 schedule pdf


I hope after reading this post, you have got all the information related to IPL2022 such as “IPL 2022 Schedule to Match List Date, Time & Table”, And together I hope that you are going to enjoy IPL live this year because this IPL is going to be totally different from the other IPL matches. So if you also want to see this year’s IPL live in your mobile or TV then you do not forget to read this “How to Watch ipl 2022 live in mobile & Tv” article.

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