List of Bowlers with most number of NO-Balls

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Why No to No balls: A no ball in cricket is delivery by a bowler that is deemed illegal due to a breach of the rules. The consequences of a no-ball can be significant for the bowling team, as it can result in the batting team being awarded an extra run, an additional ball, and even a free hit.

Therefore, bowlers who consistently avoid throwing no balls are highly valued in cricket as they can maintain their accuracy and control, prevent the opposition from scoring additional runs, and reduce the risk of conceding free hits.

The factors that influence a bowler’s tendency to throw no balls include their footwork and run-up, mental focus and discipline, and their ability to adjust to different conditions.
Bowlers who don’t throw no-balls are praised by commentators and fellow players alike. For instance, New Zealand’s Trent Boult and Tim Southee are known for their ability to keep their foot behind the crease and avoid no balls, even in high-pressure situations.

The ability to avoid no balls can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match and is an essential skill for any successful bowler.
But there are few unfortunate bowlers who throw just too many of the no-balls .

List of Bowlers with most number of NO-Balls

lets have a look at the bowler with most no-balls in T20I

Arshdeep has achieved a dubious distinction of bowling a hat-trick of no-balls in T20 international cricket, making him the only bowler to do so. During the second over of the innings, Arshdeep overstepped the crease thrice in a row.

This is not the first time Arshdeep has bowled three no-balls in a single T20I innings, as he had done so previously as well.This match also witnessed the highest number of no-balls bowled by the Indian team in a T20 International match. Prior to this, Indian bowlers had bowled four no-balls against Ireland in Dublin in 2022.

At number two, Pakistani pacer Hasan Ali and West Indian duo Keemo Paul and Oshane Thomas have each bowled 11 no-balls in the T20I format. Hasan Ali has picked up 60 wickets in 50 matches, conceding 1414 runs in 169.1 overs at an economy rate of 8.35. Keemo Paul has featured in 23 matches, taking 25 wickets while conceding 700 runs in 77 overs at an economy rate of 9.09. Oshane Thomas has taken 21 wickets in 20 T20Is, leaking 602 runs in 64 overs at an economy rate of 9.40.

Richard Ngarava, the Zimbabwean seamer, has bowled the third-highest number of no-balls in T20 international cricket history, with ten overstepping incidents in his career. He has played 31 T20I matches, taking the same number of wickets, and has conceded 876 runs in 112 overs at an economy rate of 7.82.

Now lets see most no balls in IPL

S.NPlayers NameNo Balls
1.Jasprit Bumrah 27 ( 107 matches)
2.Sreesanth 23 ( 44 matches)
3.Ishant Sharma 21 ( 93 matches)
4.Amit Mishra 21 (154 matches)
5.Umesh Yadav19 ( 121 matches)

Jasprit Bumrah

Although Jasprit Bumrah is considered to be the best fast bowler of this era, he is still struggling with the problem of bowling no-balls. His no-balls have caused India to suffer in the past, but it seems that he is on the verge of solving this problem. Bumrah has the unfortunate record of having bowled the most number of no-balls in the history of the IPL, with 27 no-balls in 107 matches.


Sreesanth’s career as an Indian fast bowler could have been remarkable if certain events had not occurred. He was a sensation during his playing days, but unfortunately, he has had to face setbacks. In the history of the IPL, he has bowled 23 no-balls in 44 matches, which is the second-highest number. In 2022, he played for Kerala in the Ranji Trophy and announced his retirement from the game.

Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma has been a well-traveled player in the IPL, having played for multiple teams over the years. Despite his height and unique bowling rhythm, it has been a challenge for him to avoid bowling no-balls, with 21 to his name in 93 IPL matches. However, being a tall bowler, he has a tendency to overstep the crease, which might be one of the reasons for his no-balls. Unfortunately, he went unsold in the 2022 IPL auction.

Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is the sole spinner among the bowlers with the highest number of no-balls in IPL. It is somewhat understandable for fast bowlers to bowl no-balls, but for a spinner, it is difficult to comprehend such a mistake on the cricket field. In 154 games, Mishra has delivered 21 no-balls. Nevertheless, he is still widely considered the greatest bowler in the history of the IPL.

Umesh Yadav

Among the bowlers with the highest number of no-balls in the IPL, Umesh Yadav ranks fifth. The fast bowler from Vidarbha has bowled 19 no-balls in 121 matches, and many of these could be waist-high due to his small bowling stride at the popping crease

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